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ErgoWave® is a tool that allows professionals and educators to learn the art of body sugaring more effectively making it easier and faster to master. With ErgoWave, less time is spent correcting hand positioning and more focus is brought back to the Kennedy Sugaring Technique Theory®. This in-turn leads to stress-free education, skill mastery, and the best hair removal results in the industry! Don’t take our word for it, listen to our AP Practitioners:

“I used the ErgoWave® just recently and I felt like it helped my fingers because I’m double jointed. I felt like it really kept them in position and I had a better feel for the sugar.”

– Alissa Sundquist

“It’s very good for helping to train your hands to go into the handshake position. When you use the ErgoWave® glove it really helps your hand stay in the position you need.”

– Janine Testa

“Thank God for that glove! It whipped me right back into shape! It is simply the best tool to learn the best sugaring technique in the world. Every single client noticed the ease in which the sugar was applied and that the flick was lighter. Lina’s six step technique is tried and true and this glove makes it all the more understandable. I am so excited to have it in my educator toolbox.”

– Angela Lark

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